Live Wimbledon Odds

In conjunction with the work I’m doing for the Wall Street Journal’s Tennis Tracker, I’m generating a lot more data than they are able to show.  So, you can now see updated odds for each player in both the men’s and women’s singles draw, updated several times per hour.  Here are the links:

You can see the pre-tournament odds here and here.

One thought on “Live Wimbledon Odds”

  1. If you compare your odds to those of the bookies, yours are giving a lot more credit to the underdogs. And for the overall tournament yours are doing the same except for Novak. I think like all models of these types that yours is really are just some form of adaptive expectations. I am not sure if there is any way to get around that. I think the bookies odds are more rationally derived. Just my two cents. Interesting stuff though.

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