US Open Qualifiers Guide

Tomorrow, 128 men will begin battling for the last 16 spots in the US Open main draw.  (Technically, given withdrawals, it’ll probably be more like 18 or 19 spots, but as of now, it’s 16.)

It’s my favorite time of year, and if you live near New York, it should be yours as well.  But unless you’re an extreme tennis nut, most of the names aren’t very familiar.

Click here for a quick “guide” to the 128 contenders, including their seed, country of origin, birthday, current ATP ranking, and current hard-court “jrank”–that is, their standing in my ranking system.  (The table is too wide to display well on this site.)

If you want to play with the guide, feel free to download it in CSV format.

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    1. Nope, they play best of 3. IIRC, at Wimbledon they play best of 5 in the final round of qualifying, and at the Australian and French, they play best of 3, but no tiebreak in the third set.

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