US Open Draw Datasets

Earlier today, I published a thorough analysis of the last ten years of US Open draws, showing that while first and second seeds have had extremely easy first-round matchups, there is no other credible statistical evidence that suggests any nonrandom manipulation of the draw.

If you want to take a look at the draws yourself, I’ve made it easier.  The following files not only have the full draws going back to 2001, but they also include each player’s ATP or WTA ranking at the time of the tournament, their ordinal ranking among the players in the draw, the ordinal ranking of their first-round opponent, and the ordinal ranking of their best-possible second round opponent.

Click to download the files:

Here’s a quick rundown of the columns you’ll find in each sheet:

  • Year — each file contains the entire draws for the last ten years.
  • Draw Pos[ition] — numbers 1 to 128, so you can always sort the sheet to show the players in draw order.  (For instance, the #1 seed is 1, that player’s opponent is 2, and so on.)
  • Player
  • Country
  • Seed — the seeding assigned by the US Open
  • Rank [ATP/WTA] — the player’s official ranking the Monday that the tourney began.
  • Ordinal — the player’s rank among the 128 players in the field.  Last year, Shelby Rogers’s WTA ranking was 344, which made her ordinal ranking 124 out of 128.
  • 1stRdOpp — the ordinal ranking of the player’s first-round opponent.
  • Best2nd — the ordinal ranking of the player’s best possible second-round opponent.
Let me know if you find anything interesting!

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