As keen-eyed readers will have noted, my last few posts have included links to a new tennis stats site: I’ve developed this site over the last few months, and it’s finally ready for the public.

Tennis Abstract is my response to the frustration of finding and filtering match results. For any player in the last 20 years, the site shows you all of his tour-level results. Best of all, you have the ability to sort by any number of stats and identify the exact subset of matches you want to see.

The best way to see what the site has to offer is to go to your favorite player’s page (here’s Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, and Berlocq) and start clicking around. Once you get accustomed to what Tennis Abstract makes possible, you may find it difficult to go back to other results sites. I certainly have.

For all that, the site is very much a work in progress. There are plenty of as-yet unresolved bugs I know about, and there are probably far more that I don’t. I have a long list of features I’d like to add, but as this is just a spare-time project for me, improvements will only be incremental.

As it is now, you can find the full career records of every active player, along with those of many retired greats. You can filter results in more than 10 different ways, and you can find head-to-head results for any pair of players.

One note: The site has been developed using Google Chrome, and it optimized for that browser. It also works very well (maybe even a bit faster) in Firefox. However, there are serious performance issues in Internet Explorer, so for now, you’ll get an error message if you try to use the site in IE. In that case, download Chrome already!

Feedback (especially bug reporting) is welcome. Feel free to comment on this post or drop me an email.

7 thoughts on “Introducing”

  1. Jeff – Bravo – I love it and will use it a lot. How are you getting the word out on this to those in the media who might use it?
    The Dominance ration (DR) is something I don’t recall your writing about, and so for me, it’s an interesting new way to look at a player’s performance against others.
    The H2H is wonderful, but I’m not sure hot to instigate a comparison from a players stats page, or how to look at all players of a group together for comparative purposes.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. DR is a stat invented (and occasionally used) by Carl Bialik, who writes for the Wall Street Journal. Eventually I’ll do a series of posts here about that and other stats

  2. This is an amazing website. So many stats, so easily accessible. This is pretty much the website I’ve been looking for for a long time now, and I’ve never being quite satisfied until now.
    Thank you so much.
    One suggestion though, I think it might be interesting to have some kind of place where you can see a ranking of players by the stats from the TOTAL’s section.
    i.e. you could see, say, the players with the top twenty overall dominance ratio’s on clay over the last 52 weeks.
    But even without that, it’s still a really really good resource. I haven’t had any problems with it so far.
    What else can I say?
    Absolutely wonderful.

    1. Thanks, Harry. On the to-do list is a ‘leaders’ page of some sort, which would allow to compare all players to all other players. I’d love to see that stuff, too; I just need to write a lot more code ;).

  3. Really nice! Definitely see this being my stats site of choice.

    Question: are you planning on adding WTA data at some point? I’ve been hacking on something similar to this, but it’s just a local application at the moment. I was thinking of working it up into a website, but this is so nice I think I’d rather see it here. 🙂 (Okay, I’m just lazy, but still…)

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