One Year of Heavy Topspin

A few weeks ago, a glance through my archives revealed that, today, is one year old!  We’ve come a long way in that time, pushing tennis research in new directions, getting advanced tennis stats in The Wall Street Journal, and more recently, launching

Thanks to everyone for reading, and thank you especially to those who comment, whether here on the blog, by email, or on Twitter.  Nods are due in particular to Rick Devereaux, Tom Welsh, Carl Bialik, and Eric from  Slowly, analytical tennis research is getting more popular as well as more fruitful.

Here’s to an even better year two!

3 thoughts on “One Year of Heavy Topspin”

  1. Congratulations, Jeff. Your work has done a lot to advance the craft of tennis measurement, and incidentally has helped a lot of people to deepend their enjoyment of the game.

  2. Congrats Jeffrey! I always love reading your blogs. Makes it easy for me to convince people I know more about tennis than I actually do 🙂 I do love tennis though and am truly amazed by all of your analysis and insight!

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