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If you’re not yet using as your go-to ATP results and stats resource, it might be time to switch.

Last week, I added tournament pages for every ATP and Challenger event.   For instance, you can now see every match (and all of its stats, and every player’s ranking) for any tournament, like last week’s Shanghai Masters, or the 2001 Milan event.  Most sites require that you click a pop-up window to get match stats.  Now you can compare every match (including qualies, for the last several years) by  ace rate, return points won, and dozens of other stats.

As with the player pages, the match table is sortable by almost every column, and a handful of filters in the left-hand sidebar allow you zero in on the matches you are interested in.

One feature I particularly like is the ability to select subgroups of players in the top-right table.  Each tourney page defaults to displaying event totals for the eight men who reached the quarters, so you can compare tournament-long statistics for the top contenders.  By clicking the links at the bottom of that table, you can get a quick glimpse of the seeds, qualifiers, or wild cards … or stats for everyone in the main draw.

These tournament pages are accessible from every player page (and vice versa).

There are several more new features that I hope you find interesting:

  • If you haven’t already seen TA’s current tournament pages, this is a great week to check them out, with three tournaments in action.  These pages show all completed matches, all upcoming matches, and jrank-derived odds given who is left in the draw.
  • A small recent adjustment to those pages is particularly handy.  For the projections, you can click on previous round names (e.g. “R32”) to see what the projections looked like at that point in the tournament.  Find out who scored the biggest upsets, who has increased their odds the most, or just hunt for my model’s most egregious errors.
  • Many of you have asked for regularly updated surface rankings.  Here you go!
  • The first of several new reports is the Head-to-Head Matrix.  See H2H records for the current top 15.  Click on the records themselves to see a fuller view of all of the relevant head-to-heads..
  • Also new: Current Rankings by Age.  Find the top players under 19, under 21, and under 23, along with those 28+, 30+ and 32+.  Use the dropdown menu to see similar reports for each year’s year-end rankings back to 1984.
  • Inspired by a long-ago blog post, see which players are performing the most and least consistently.
  • Finally, compare tournaments by field quality.  This is fascinating stuff, so much so that I made a report for the last 52 weeks of Challengers, as well.

All of the reports are accessible from the home page.  I hope you enjoy them, and that you keep an eye out for the next wave of new toys, as well.

2 thoughts on “More New Toys on”

  1. Many thanks, Jeff: it’s a brilliant system, and I’ve taken to consulting it about every upcoming tournament.

    I have one question, though. Have you added in any special factor to take account of Marcel Granollers’ mysterious, almost mystical, prowesss when he’s playing in Valencia?

    1. Thanks Tom.

      Ha, anything that can be described as mysterious or mystical is most definitely not in the system. More seriously, though, there may be some value in factoring in a player’s performance at a specific tournament. You’d think that home court and/or surface specifics would account for everything, but enough guys win back-to-back titles that there may be something more to it.

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