The Match Charting Project Hits 1,400!

Yesterday, the Match Charting Project hit another milestone: 1,400 matches!

For the last few months, we’ve been growing at the fastest pace yet, better than four new matches per day. We’re adding high-profile matches from the men’s and women’s tour, along with plenty of Challenger and historical matches, as well.

Recent milestones include 100 Rafael Nadal matches, 75 Novak Djokovic matches, 300 active ATPers, 40 Agnieszka Radwanska matches, and 50 Grand Slam finals.

Here’s the complete list, where you can find detailed shot-by-shot breakdowns of every one of these matches, sorted by player.

I’ve also updated the raw data, which is available here.

We’ll definitely reach 1,500 by the end of the year. We started 2015 with 548 matches, so if we keep up the current rate, we’ll cross the 1,000 mark for 2015 alone, including nearly 700 from the 2015 season. To those of you who have contributed: Thank you. You deserve the thanks of the entire tennis community.

If you haven’t contributed, now is a great time to start. Click here for my “quick start” guide to match charting. As we approach the offseason, it’s the perfect opportunity to dig up one of those old matches you’ve always meant to watch. Learn to chart, and you can make tennis analytics better at the same time.