Podcast Episode 71: An Analytical Approach to the Tennis Hall of Fame

Episode 71 of the Tennis Abstract Podcast, features guest co-host Jeff McFarland, the man behind Hidden Game of Tennis. You may remember Jeff from his previous appearance on episode 52. Following this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Newport, we take an deep dive into the tennis institution, looking at who deserves to be there, who doesn’t, and how we ought to decide.

Much of our conversation stems from Jeff’s attempts to quantify career accomplishment, including Transformed Wins, men’s Championship Shares, and women’s Championship Shares. We discuss whether the Hall should be big or small, whether the grand slams should be as important as they seem to be, and how to handle greatness on the doubles court.

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(Note: this week’s episode is about 68 minutes long; in some browsers the audio player may display a different length. Sorry about that!)

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