Podcast Episode 79: Paul Timmons on the Broken Structure of Pro Tennis

Episode 79 of the Tennis Abstract Podcast features Paul Timmons (@PaulT_Tennis), author of the My Tennis Adventures blog, about many of the problems facing professional tennis–and some obvious fixes that no one seems interested in making.

We start with the failures of the ITF to provide a logical structure for up-and-coming players, including gender inequality that makes it much more difficult for women to make a living at the equivalent of the ATP Challenger level. We discuss how some national federations are centralizing when they should be localizing, and how match-fixing is inevitable when live data provides so much of the sport’s revenue. We also touch on several up-and-coming players, the likely next men’s major winner, and why the Davis Cup Finals–for all its flaws–is superior to the upcoming ATP Cup.

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(Note: this week’s episode is about 65 minutes long; in some browsers the audio player may display a different length. Sorry about that!)

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