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Match Charting Project Data: Richard Gasquet

This page displays the wealth of data available on Richard Gasquet as gathered by the volunteer contributors to the Match Charting Project. It comprises shot-by-shot records of 38 matches, including 28 on hard courts, 8 on clay, and 2 on grass. Click the links to see much more data on serve, return, rally length, net play, and shot tendencies. Move your cursor over any percentage to see comparisons to tour average, as well as surface-specific data.

Pages like this are available for each of the hundreds of players with at least two matches in the MCP dataset. Please help us continue to build this one-of-a-kind resource and try charting a match yourself

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Contributors to this page: js (x11), Isaac (x11), Edo (x6), ChapelHeel66 (x3), Edged (x2), Dead Net Cord, DanF, Palaver.
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