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ATP US Open Event History 

This page outlines the pro-era history of the event, with top seeds, winners, and finalists
for each year. Further down, you'll find over 100 leaderboards highlighting the youngest,
oldest, and best players in a wide array of categories:
Event History | Leaderboards | Single-Match Records | Player Records: Match | Tournament | Event

Pages like this are available for all current and recent ATP tour-level events.

YearNameSurfaceRkTop SeedDrawRkWinnerRkFinalistScore
2014US OpenHard1Novak Djokovic12816Marin Cilic11Kei Nishikori6-3 6-3 6-3
2013US OpenHard1Novak Djokovic1282Rafael Nadal1Novak Djokovic6-2 3-6 6-4 6-1
2012US OpenHard1Roger Federer1284Andy Murray2Novak Djokovic7-6(10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2
2011US OpenHard1Novak Djokovic1281Novak Djokovic2Rafael Nadal6-2 6-4 6-7(3) 6-1
2010US OpenHard1Rafael Nadal1281Rafael Nadal3Novak Djokovic6-4 5-7 6-4 6-2
2009US OpenHard1Roger Federer1286Juan Martin Del Potro1Roger Federer3-6 7-6(5) 4-6 7-6(4) 6-2
2008US OpenHard1Rafael Nadal1282Roger Federer6Andy Murray6-2 7-5 6-2
2007US OpenHard1Roger Federer1281Roger Federer3Novak Djokovic7-6(4) 7-6(2) 6-4
2006US OpenHard1Roger Federer1281Roger Federer10Andy Roddick6-2 4-6 7-5 6-1
2005US OpenHard1Roger Federer1281Roger Federer7Andre Agassi6-3 2-6 7-6(1) 6-1
2004US OpenHard1Roger Federer1281Roger Federer5Lleyton Hewitt6-0 7-6(3) 6-0
2003US OpenHard1Andre Agassi1284Andy Roddick3Juan Carlos Ferrero6-3 7-6(2) 6-3
2002US OpenHard1Lleyton Hewitt12817Pete Sampras6Andre Agassi6-3 6-4 5-7 6-4
2001US OpenHard1Gustavo Kuerten1284Lleyton Hewitt10Pete Sampras7-6(4) 6-1 6-1
2000US OpenHard1Andre Agassi1287Marat Safin4Pete Sampras6-4 6-3 6-3
1999US OpenHard2Andre Agassi1282Andre Agassi7Todd Martin6-4 6-7(5) 6-7(2) 6-3 6-2
1998US OpenHard1Pete Sampras1283Patrick Rafter22Mark Philippoussis6-3 3-6 6-2 6-0
1997US OpenHard1Pete Sampras12814Patrick Rafter20Greg Rusedski6-3 6-2 4-6 7-5
1996US OpenHard1Pete Sampras1281Pete Sampras3Michael Chang6-1 6-4 7-6(3)
1995US OpenHard1Andre Agassi1282Pete Sampras1Andre Agassi6-4 6-3 4-6 7-5
1994US OpenHard1Pete Sampras12820Andre Agassi4Michael Stich6-1 7-6(5) 7-5
1993US OpenHard1Jim Courier1282Pete Sampras14Cedric Pioline6-4 6-4 6-3
1992US OpenHard1Jim Courier1282Stefan Edberg3Pete Sampras3-6 6-4 7-6(5) 6-2
1991US OpenHard1Boris Becker1282Stefan Edberg5Jim Courier6-2 6-4 6-0
1990US OpenHard1Stefan Edberg12812Pete Sampras4Andre Agassi6-4 6-3 6-2
1989US OpenHard1Ivan Lendl1282Boris Becker1Ivan Lendl7-6 1-6 6-3 7-6
1988US OpenHard1Ivan Lendl1282Mats Wilander1Ivan Lendl6-4 4-6 6-3 5-7 6-4
1987US OpenHard1Ivan Lendl1281Ivan Lendl3Mats Wilander6-7 6-0 7-6 6-4
1986US OpenHard1Ivan Lendl1281Ivan Lendl15Miloslav Mecir6-4 6-2 6-0
1985US OpenHard1John Mcenroe1282Ivan Lendl1John Mcenroe7-6 6-3 6-4
1984US OpenHard1John Mcenroe1271John Mcenroe2Ivan Lendl6-3 6-4 6-1
1983US OpenHard1John Mcenroe1282Jimmy Connors3Ivan Lendl6-3 6-7 7-5 6-0
1982US OpenHardJohn Mcenroe128Jimmy ConnorsIvan Lendl6-3 6-2 4-6 6-4
1981US OpenHard2John Mcenroe1282John Mcenroe1Bjorn Borg4-6 6-2 6-4 6-3
1980US OpenHard1Bjorn Borg1283John Mcenroe1Bjorn Borg7-6 6-1 6-7 5-7 6-4
1979US OpenHard2Bjorn Borg1284John Mcenroe5Vitas Gerulaitis7-5 6-3 6-3
1978US OpenHard3Bjorn Borg1281Jimmy Connors3Bjorn Borg6-4 6-2 6-2
1977US OpenClay2Bjorn Borg1284Guillermo Vilas1Jimmy Connors2-6 6-3 7-6 6-0
1976US OpenClay1Jimmy Connors1281Jimmy Connors4Bjorn Borg6-4 3-6 7-6 6-4
1975US OpenClay1Jimmy Connors1289Manuel Orantes1Jimmy Connors6-4 6-3 6-3
1974US OpenGrass1Jimmy Connors1281Jimmy Connors6Ken Rosewall6-1 6-0 6-1
1973US OpenGrass3Stan Smith1287John Newcombe11Jan Kodes6-4 1-6 4-6 6-2 6-3
1972US OpenGrassStan Smith128Ilie NastaseArthur Ashe3-6 6-3 6-7 6-4 6-3
1971US OpenGrassJohn Newcombe128Stan SmithJan Kodes3-6 6-3 6-2 7-6
1970US OpenGrassRod Laver108Ken RosewallTony Roche2-6 6-4 7-6 6-3
1969US OpenGrassRod Laver128Rod LaverTony Roche7-9 6-1 6-2 6-2
1968US OpenGrassRod Laver96Arthur AsheTom Okker14-12 5-7 6-3 3-6 6-3

ATP US Open Event Leaderboards 

Event History | Leaderboards | Single-Match Records | Player Records: Match | Tournament | Event

Main Draw Wins                 Titles                 Finals                 
98Jimmy ConnorsUSA                5Roger FedererSUI                8Pete SamprasUSA                
79Andre AgassiUSA                5Pete SamprasUSA                8Ivan LendlUSA                
74Roger FedererSUI                5Jimmy ConnorsUSA                7Jimmy ConnorsUSA                
73Ivan LendlUSA                4John McenroeUSA                6Roger FedererSUI                
71Pete SamprasUSA                3Ivan LendlUSA                6Andre AgassiUSA                
66John McenroeUSA                2Stefan EdbergSWE                5Novak DjokovicSRB                
50Novak DjokovicSRB                2Rafael NadalESP                5John McenroeUSA                
46Lleyton HewittAUS                2Patrick RafterAUS                4Bjorn BorgSWE                
43(4) players tied                2Andre AgassiUSA                3Rafael NadalESP                
                1(17) players tied                2(10) players tied                
Semifinals                 Quarterfinals                 Round of 16 Appearances                 
14Jimmy ConnorsUSA                17Jimmy ConnorsUSA                17Jimmy ConnorsUSA                
10Andre AgassiUSA                13Andre AgassiUSA                15Andre AgassiUSA                
9Roger FedererSUI                12Ivan LendlUSA                14Roger FedererSUI                
9Pete SamprasUSA                10Roger FedererSUI                13Pete SamprasUSA                
9Ivan LendlUSA                10Pete SamprasUSA                13Ivan LendlUSA                
8Novak DjokovicSRB                9John McenroeUSA                12John McenroeUSA                
8John McenroeUSA                8Novak DjokovicSRB                9Tommy RobredoESP                
5Rafael NadalESP                8Andy RoddickUSA                9Michael ChangUSA                
5Lleyton HewittAUS                7Lleyton HewittAUS                9Guillermo VilasARG                
5Bjorn BorgSWE                6(3) players tied                9Andy RoddickUSA                
Main Draw Appearances                 Qualifications                 Wild Cards                 
22Jimmy ConnorsUSA                6Cristiano CarattiITA                5Taylor DentUSA                
21Andre AgassiUSA                5Gianluca PozziITA                5Rick LeachUSA                
18Fabrice SantoroFRA                4Todd NelsonUSA                5James BlakeUSA                
17Michael ChangUSA                4Leo PalinFIN                5Donald YoungUSA                
17Dick StocktonUSA                4Ivo HeubergerSUI                4(10) players tied                
16(6) players tied                4George BastlSUI                                
                3(21) players tied                                
Tiebreaks Played                 Tiebreaks Won                 Tiebreaks Lost                 
52Roscoe TannerUSA                35Pete SamprasUSA                22Roscoe TannerUSA                
50Pete SamprasUSA                30Roscoe TannerUSA                21Andre AgassiUSA                
48Andre AgassiUSA                27Andre AgassiUSA                19Todd MartinUSA                
37Roger FedererSUI                23Roger FedererSUI                18Stanislas WawrinkaSUI                
36Novak DjokovicSRB                23Novak DjokovicSRB                18Ivo KarlovicCRO                
34Todd MartinUSA                23John IsnerUSA                17Richard KrajicekNED                
34Stanislas WawrinkaSUI                21Ivan LendlUSA                15Pete SamprasUSA                
33(5) players tied                19Johan KriekUSA                15Andy RoddickUSA                
                19Carlos MoyaESP                14(3) players tied                
                18(7) players tied                                
6-0 Sets Played                 6-0 Sets Won                 6-0 Sets Lost                 
24Jimmy ConnorsUSA                22Jimmy ConnorsUSA                6John LloydGBR                
21Ivan LendlUSA                20Ivan LendlUSA                6Barry MoirRSA                
16Andre AgassiUSA                15Andre AgassiUSA                5Harold SolomonUSA                
12Novak DjokovicSRB                11Roger FedererSUI                4(10) players tied                
12Harold SolomonUSA                11Novak DjokovicSRB                                
11Roger FedererSUI                11Guillermo VilasARG                                
11John McenroeUSA                10John McenroeUSA                                
11Guillermo VilasARG                10Bjorn BorgSWE                                
10(4) players tied                8(3) players tied                                
6-1 Sets Played                 6-1 Sets Won                 6-1 Sets Lost                 
45Jimmy ConnorsUSA                39Jimmy ConnorsUSA                10Juan Carlos FerreroESP                
41Ivan LendlUSA                37Ivan LendlUSA                10Johan KriekUSA                
36Andre AgassiUSA                31John McenroeUSA                9Yevgeny KafelnikovRUS                
33John McenroeUSA                30Andre AgassiUSA                9Nikolay DavydenkoRUS                
28Roger FedererSUI                26Roger FedererSUI                9Jonas BjorkmanSWE                
27Pete SamprasUSA                22Novak DjokovicSRB                8(7) players tied                
27Guillermo VilasARG                21Guillermo VilasARG                                
26Novak DjokovicSRB                20Pete SamprasUSA                                
26Michael ChangUSA                20Mats WilanderSWE                                
23Mats WilanderSWE                20Lleyton HewittAUS                                
Bakery (6-0/6-1) Sets Played                 Bakery Sets Won                 Bakery Sets Lost                 
69Jimmy ConnorsUSA                61Jimmy ConnorsUSA                12Johan KriekUSA                
62Ivan LendlUSA                57Ivan LendlUSA                12Goran IvanisevicCRO                
52Andre AgassiUSA                45Andre AgassiUSA                11Steve KrulevitzUSA                
44John McenroeUSA                41John McenroeUSA                11Alexander VolkovRUS                
39Roger FedererSUI                37Roger FedererSUI                10Peter FlemingUSA                
38Novak DjokovicSRB                33Novak DjokovicSRB                10Juan Carlos FerreroESP                
38Guillermo VilasARG                32Guillermo VilasARG                10Fabrice SantoroFRA                
35Michael ChangUSA                26Michael ChangUSA                9(10) players tied                
31Pete SamprasUSA                25Bjorn BorgSWE                                
29Bjorn BorgSWE                24Pete SamprasUSA                                
Most Five-Set Matches                 Most Five-Set Wins                 Most Five-Set Losses                 
15Tommy HaasGER                10John McenroeUSA                6Tommy HaasGER                
14Stanislas WawrinkaSUI                9Tommy HaasGER                6Stanislas WawrinkaSUI                
13Roscoe TannerUSA                9Michael ChangUSA                6Roscoe TannerUSA                
13Michael ChangUSA                9Andre AgassiUSA                6Greg RusedskiGBR                
12John McenroeUSA                8Stanislas WawrinkaSUI                6Amos MansdorfISR                
12Ivan LendlUSA                8Lleyton HewittAUS                5(6) players tied                
12Andre AgassiUSA                8Ivan LendlUSA                                
11(6) players tied                8Fernando VerdascoESP                                
                8Aaron KricksteinUSA                                
                7(7) players tied                                
Lowest-Ranked Titlists                 Lowest-Ranked Finalists                 Lowest-Ranked Semifinalists                 
20Andre Agassi1994USA                22Mark Philippoussis1998AUS                174Jimmy Connors1991USA                
17Pete Sampras2002USA                20Andre Agassi1994USA                71Bill Scanlon1983USA                
16Marin Cilic2014CRO                20Greg Rusedski1997GBR                56Karel Novacek1994CZE                
14Patrick Rafter1997AUS                17Pete Sampras2002USA                54Mikhail Youzhny2006RUS                
12Pete Sampras1990USA                16Marin Cilic2014CRO                46Robby Ginepri2005USA                
9Manuel Orantes1975ESP                15Miloslav Mecir1986SVK                35Johan Kriek1980USA                
7John Newcombe1973AUS                14Cedric Pioline1993FRA                33Darren Cahill1988AUS                
7Marat Safin2000RUS                14Patrick Rafter1997AUS                32Todd Martin2000USA                
6Juan Martin Del Potro2009ARG                12Pete Sampras1990USA                30Joachim Johansson2004SWE                
4Guillermo Vilas1977ARG                11Jan Kodes1973CZE                26Cedric Pioline1999FRA                
Youngest Titlists                 Youngest Finalists                 Youngest Semifinalists                 
19.0Pete Sampras1990USA                19.0Pete Sampras1990USA                18.3Andre Agassi1988USA                
20.5Lleyton Hewitt2001AUS                20.2Bjorn Borg1976SWE                18.4Jimmy Arias1983USA                
20.5John Mcenroe1979USA                20.3Novak Djokovic2007SRB                18.8Boris Becker1986GER                
20.6Marat Safin2000RUS                20.3Andre Agassi1990USA                19.0Pete Sampras1990USA                
20.9Juan Martin Del Potro2009ARG                20.5Lleyton Hewitt2001AUS                19.2Bjorn Borg1975SWE                
21.0Andy Roddick2003USA                20.5John Mcenroe1979USA                19.3Pat Cash1984AUS                
21.5John Mcenroe1980USA                20.6Marat Safin2000RUS                19.3Andre Agassi1989USA                
21.8Boris Becker1989GER                20.9Juan Martin Del Potro2009ARG                19.5Lleyton Hewitt2000AUS                
22.0Jimmy Connors1974USA                21.0Andy Roddick2003USA                19.5John Mcenroe1978USA                
22.1Pete Sampras1993USA                21.0Jim Courier1991USA                20.2Bjorn Borg1976SWE                
Youngest Quarterfinalists                 Youngest Match Winners                 Youngest Main Draw Players                 
18.3Andre Agassi1988USA                15.4Aaron Krickstein1983USA                15.2Tommy Ho1988USA                
18.4Mats Wilander1983SWE                15.5Michael Chang1987USA                15.4Aaron Krickstein1983USA                
18.4Jimmy Arias1983USA                16.0Jimmy Arias1980USA                15.5Michael Chang1987USA                
18.8Boris Becker1986GER                16.5Michael Chang1988USA                15.7Billy Martin1972USA                
19.0Andy Roddick2001USA                16.7Billy Martin1973USA                16.0Jimmy Arias1980USA                
19.0Andrei Medvedev1993UKR                16.7Larry Gottfried1976USA                16.1Donald Young2005USA                
19.0Pete Sampras1990USA                17.0Jimmy Arias1981USA                16.3Andre Agassi1986USA                
19.2Bjorn Borg1975SWE                17.1Aaron Krickstein1984USA                16.3Jimmy Brown1981USA                
19.3Pat Cash1984AUS                17.1Thierry Tulasne1980FRA                16.5Michael Chang1988USA                
19.3Andre Agassi1989USA                17.2Jared Palmer1988USA                16.7Billy Martin1973USA                
Oldest Titlists                 Oldest Finalists                 Oldest Semifinalists                 
35.8Ken Rosewall1970AUS                39.8Ken Rosewall1974AUS                39.8Ken Rosewall1974AUS                
31.0Rod Laver1969AUS                35.8Ken Rosewall1970AUS                39.0Jimmy Connors1991USA                
31.0Pete Sampras2002USA                35.3Andre Agassi2005USA                38.8Ken Rosewall1973AUS                
30.3Jimmy Connors1983USA                32.3Andre Agassi2002USA                35.8Ken Rosewall1970AUS                
30.0Jimmy Connors1982USA                31.0Rod Laver1969AUS                35.3Andre Agassi2005USA                
29.3Andre Agassi1999USA                31.0Pete Sampras2002USA                35.0Jimmy Connors1987USA                
29.3John Newcombe1973AUS                30.3Jimmy Connors1983USA                33.8Ken Rosewall1968AUS                
27.5Ivan Lendl1987USA                30.0Pete Sampras2001USA                33.3Andre Agassi2003USA                
27.2Rafael Nadal2013ESP                30.0Jimmy Connors1982USA                33.0Roger Federer2014SUI                
27.0Roger Federer2008SUI                29.5Ivan Lendl1989USA                33.0Jimmy Connors1985USA                
Oldest Quarterfinalists                 Oldest Match Winners                 Oldest Main Draw Players                 
40.3Richard Pancho Gonzales1968USA                49.2Pancho Segura1970ECU                52.6Frank Parker1968USA                
39.8Ken Rosewall1974AUS                47.2Pancho Segura1968ECU                49.2Pancho Segura1970ECU                
39.0Jimmy Connors1991USA                45.0E Victor Seixas1968USA                47.2Pancho Segura1968ECU                
38.8Ken Rosewall1973AUS                43.3Richard Pancho Gonzales1971USA                46.0E Victor Seixas1969USA                
37.0Jimmy Connors1989USA                42.8Ken Rosewall1977AUS                45.3Richard Pancho Gonzales1973USA                
36.0Jimmy Connors1988USA                42.3Richard Pancho Gonzales1970USA                45.0E Victor Seixas1968USA                
35.8Ken Rosewall1970AUS                41.3Richard Pancho Gonzales1969USA                44.3Richard Pancho Gonzales1972USA                
35.3Andre Agassi2005USA                40.3Richard Pancho Gonzales1968USA                44.1Bob Howe1969AUS                
35.0Jimmy Connors1987USA                40.0Jimmy Connors1992USA                43.3Richard Pancho Gonzales1971USA                
34.8Ken Rosewall1969AUS                39.8Ken Rosewall1974AUS                42.8Ken Rosewall1977AUS                

ATP US Open Single-Match Records 

Records below this point go back to 1991. Statistical data is not available before that time.
All single-match records exclude retirements and defaults.
Event History | Leaderboards | Single-Match Records | Player Records: Match | Tournament | Event

Longest Matches                 Shortest Matches                 
5:26Stefan Edberg d. Michael ChangSF1992                1:01Michael Llodra d. Jose AcasusoR1282002                
5:09Sargis Sargsian d. Nicolas MassuR642004                1:01Thomas Johansson d. German PuentesR1282001                
5:01Ivan Lendl d. Boris BeckerR161992                1:03Roger Federer d. Ivo MinarR1282005                
4:59Kei Nishikori d. Marin CilicR642010                1:05Andre Agassi d. Justin GimelstobR642002                
4:54Andy Murray d. Novak DjokovicF2012                1:06Dominik Hrbaty d. Oscar HernandezR1282004                
4:48Juan Carlos Ferrero d. Gael MonfilsR642011                1:06Jurgen Melzer d. Jiri VanekR642008                
4:48Denis Istomin d. Nicolas LapenttiR642009                1:07Gael Monfils d. Adrian UngurR1282013                
4:44Sargis Sargsian d. Paul Henri MathieuR322004                1:07Jiri Novak d. Bjorn PhauR642001                
4:43Nicolas Lapentti d. Stanislas WawrinkaR1282009                1:08Andre Agassi d. Razvan SabauR1282005                
4:41(2) matches tied                1:09Dominik Hrbaty d. Yevgeny KafelnikovR642002                
Most Total Points Played                 Fewest Total Points Played                 
464Adrian Voinea d. Renzo FurlanR1281997                114Andre Agassi d. Justin GimelstobR642002                
436Stefan Edberg d. Michael ChangSF1992                114Novak Djokovic d. Paolo LorenziR1282012                
432Magnus Norman d. Daniel NestorR1281998                115Michael Llodra d. Jose AcasusoR1282002                
420Richard Krajicek d. Jan SiemerinkR1281994                119Andy Roddick d. Scoville JenkinsR1282004                
419Jens Knippschild d. Slava DosedelR1281997                119Dominik Hrbaty d. Oscar HernandezR1282004                
414Todd Martin d. Carlos MoyaR162000                119Gael Monfils d. Adrian UngurR1282013                
412Ivan Lendl d. Boris BeckerR161992                120Flavio Saretta d. Nicolas LapenttiR642003                
409Petr Korda d. Pete SamprasR161997                120Mikhail Youzhny d. Tommy RobredoR162006                
407Todd Martin d. Stephane HuetR1281999                121Lleyton Hewitt d. Albert CostaR1282005                
405Lionel Roux d. Paul HaarhuisR641997                122(4) matches tied                
Most Aces (Combined)                 Highest Ace Percentage (Combined)                 
64Joachim Johansson d. Andy RoddickQF2004                24.4%Joachim Johansson d. Jan Michael GambillR642004                
60Gilles Muller d. Nicolas AlmagroR322008                24.1%Ivo Karlovic d. Florent SerraR642008                
59Yevgeny Kafelnikov d. Richard KrajicekQF1999                22.9%Joachim Johansson d. Andy RoddickQF2004                
58John Isner d. Andy RoddickR322009                20.6%Carlos Moya d. Aisam Ul Haq QureshiR1282008                
57Philipp Kohlschreiber d. John IsnerR322014                20.5%Sam Querrey d. Ivo KarlovicR322008                
57Paul Henri Mathieu d. Gilles MullerR1282014                20.2%Milos Raonic d. Paul Henri MathieuR642012                
55Magnus Norman d. Daniel NestorR1281998                20.2%Andy Roddick d. Julien BenneteauR322011                
55Gustavo Kuerten d. Max MirnyiR322001                19.7%Pete Sampras d. Marat SafinSF2001                
53Lleyton Hewitt d. Gilles MullerR642012                19.6%Andy Roddick d. Kristian PlessR642006                
52Paradorn Srichaphan d. Jose AcasusoR1282006                19.4%Goran Ivanisevic d. Luiz MattarR321991                
Most Double Faults (Combined)                 Highest DF Percentage (Combined)                 
36Michael Chang d. Jaime OncinsR1281996                13.1%Sergi Bruguera d. Kris GoossensR1281996                
32Omar Camporese d. Scott DavisR641992                12.4%Michael Chang d. Jaime OncinsR1281996                
31Jean Rene Lisnard d. Magnus NormanR1282003                11.9%Goran Ivanisevic d. Justin GimelstobR642001                
30Yevgeny Kafelnikov d. Alexander PoppR642000                11.5%Mark Philippoussis d. Albert PortasR1282000                
29Jurgen Melzer d. Ricardas BerankisR642010                11.3%Michael Llodra d. Jose AcasusoR1282002                
29Guillermo Coria d. Nicolas MassuR162005                11.1%Ernests Gulbis d. Kenny De SchepperR1282014                
28Lars Burgsmuller d. Jan SiemerinkR1281999                11.0%Lleyton Hewitt d. Marc RossetR1281999                
28Karel Novacek d. Scott DavisR1281991                10.5%Jonas Bjorkman d. David NainkinR641996                
28Jeremy Chardy d. Alejandro FallaR1282014                10.3%Michael Chang d. Patrik FredrikssonR1281997                
28Gregory Carraz d. Greg RusedskiR1282003                10.2%Yevgeny Kafelnikov d. Alexander PoppR642000                
Highest First-Serve Percentage (Combined)                 Lowest First-Serve Percentage (Combined)                 
78.2%Grant Stafford d. Jim PughR1281991                35.4%Sergi Bruguera d. Kris GoossensR1281996                
77.6%Jimmy Brown d. Alberto ManciniR1281991                38.1%Michael Chang d. Jaime OncinsR1281996                
76.2%Emilio Sanchez d. Wally MasurR321991                40.1%Pete Sampras d. Alexander VolkovQF1992                
76.1%Taylor Dent d. Ivan NavarroR642009                41.3%Neville Godwin d. Tomas CarbonellR1281996                
76.0%Hernan Gumy d. Dominik HrbatyR1281997                42.1%Jason Stoltenberg d. Stefano PescosolidoR1281996                
75.7%Ricardo Mello d. Juan Ignacio ChelaR1282004                42.1%Magnus Norman d. Karol KuceraR1281997                
75.6%John Isner d. Gael MonfilsR642013                42.1%Gianluca Pozzi d. Christian RuudR1282000                
75.5%Taylor Dent d. Nikolay DavydenkoR642003                42.7%Michael Chang d. Patrik FredrikssonR1281997                
75.2%Fernando Verdasco d. Igor KunitsynR1282008                43.0%Jan Kroslak d. Alexander VolkovR1281997                
74.5%(2) matches tied                43.2%Guillaume Raoux d. Marc RossetR1281991                
Highest First-Serve Winning Percentage (Combined)                 Lowest First-Serve Winning Percentage (Combined)                 
90.5%Rafael Nadal d. Mark PhilippoussisR1282006                51.9%Novak Djokovic d. Carlos BerlocqR642011                
89.9%Mark Philippoussis d. Andrei OlhovskiyR641996                52.8%Robby Ginepri d. David FerrerR1282003                
89.7%Thomas Muster d. Dirk DierR641996                54.5%Dominik Hrbaty d. Olivier RochusR162004                
89.2%Alexander Volkov d. Goran IvanisevicR321992                54.9%Michael Chang d. Mark WoodfordeR1281991                
88.4%Pete Sampras d. Agustin CalleriR322000                56.3%Juan Martin Del Potro d. Diego JunqueiraR642011                
88.2%Gustavo Kuerten d. Sjeng SchalkenR641997                56.5%Todd Witsken d. Veli PaloheimoR1281991                
88.0%Paul Henri Mathieu d. Joshua GoodallR1282006                56.8%Andy Murray d. Donald YoungR162011                
88.0%Feliciano Lopez d. Arnaud Di PasqualeR1282004                56.9%Mikhail Youzhny d. Nicolas DevilderR1282007                
87.8%Mark Philippoussis d. Karim AlamiR1281997                57.0%Victor Hanescu d. Carlos BerlocqR1282010                
87.8%Daniel Vacek d. Mark PhilippoussisR321997                57.3%Gilles Simon d. Jimmy WangR642012                
Highest Second-Serve Winning Percentage (Combined)                 Lowest Second-Serve Winning Percentage (Combined)                 
68.8%John Van Lottum d. Ivan LjubicicR641999                22.4%Patrick Rafter d. Lionel RouxR321997                
67.5%Greg Rusedski d. Younes El AynaouiR1282001                28.8%Tomas Berdych d. Paolo LorenziR1282013                
67.1%Carsten Ball d. Juan Pablo BrzezickiR1282009                29.7%David Goffin d. Joao SousaR642014                
67.0%Igor Andreev d. Horacio ZeballosR1282010                30.8%Gael Monfils d. Adrian UngurR1282013                
66.7%Nick Kyrgios d. Andreas SeppiR642014                31.3%Chris Woodruff d. Thomas JohanssonR1281997                
66.7%Milos Raonic d. Paul Henri MathieuR642012                31.4%Andre Agassi d. Leander PaesR641996                
66.7%Fernando Verdasco d. Igor KunitsynR1282008                31.7%Michael Chang d. Todd WitskenR641991                
66.1%Ivo Karlovic d. Hicham AraziR642003                31.8%Nikolay Davydenko d. Tommy HaasQF2007                
66.0%Richard Gasquet d. Simon GreulR1282010                32.5%Petr Korda d. Bohdan UlihrachR641996                
65.9%(2) matches tied                32.5%Novak Djokovic d. Paolo LorenziR1282012                
Most Break Points (Combined)                 Fewest Break Points (Combined)                 
55Stefan Edberg d. Michael ChangSF1992                4Jo Wilfried Tsonga d. Jarkko NieminenR642009                
50David Ferrer d. Agustin CalleriR1282005                4Marcos Baghdatis d. Alexander WaskeR1282006                
50Benoit Paire d. Julien BenneteauR1282014                4Samuel Groth d. Albert RamosR1282014                
49Jimmy Connors d. Patrick McenroeR1281991                5Carlos Moya d. Paul Henri MathieuR642006                
48Nicolas Almagro d. Robby GinepriR642009                5Hicham Arazi d. Jeff SalzensteinR1282003                
48Jonas Bjorkman d. Karol KuceraR322003                5Malivai Washington d. Marc Kevin GoellnerR641992                
47Yen Hsun Lu d. Nicolas LapenttiR1282008                5Milos Raonic d. Paul Henri MathieuR642012                
46Omar Camporese d. Amos MansdorfR1281991                5Nuno Marques d. Glenn MichibataR1281991                
46Jarkko Nieminen d. Karol BeckR1282005                5Robin Soderling d. Ivo KarlovicR1282006                
46Guillermo Garcia Lopez d. Daniel Gimeno TraverR1282011                5Roger Federer d. Andy RoddickQF2007                
Most Break Points Saved (Combined)                 Fewest Break Points Saved (Combined)                 
34Jimmy Connors d. Patrick McenroeR1281991                0Malivai Washington d. Marc Kevin GoellnerR641992                
33Yen Hsun Lu d. Nicolas LapenttiR1282008                1Andre Agassi d. Razvan SabauR1282005                
33Todd Martin d. Carlos MoyaR162000                1Goran Ivanisevic d. Luiz MattarR321991                
33Omar Camporese d. Amos MansdorfR1281991                1Jo Wilfried Tsonga d. Jarkko NieminenR642009                
33David Ferrer d. Agustin CalleriR1282005                1Marcos Baghdatis d. Alexander WaskeR1282006                
33Bobby Reynolds d. Tomas ZibR1282008                1Michael Llodra d. Jose AcasusoR1282002                
32(5) matches tied                1Paul Haarhuis d. Carl Uwe SteebR161991                
                1Sjeng Schalken d. Andrew IlieR642001                
                1Tommy Haas d. Felix MantillaR642001                
                2(21) matches tied                
Most Breaks of Serve (Combined)                 Longest Tiebreaks                 
23Stefan Edberg d. Michael ChangSF1992                16-14Novak Djokovic d. Alexandr DolgopolovR162011                
21Kevin Ullyett d. Alex ObrienR1281993                16-14John Isner d. Victor HanescuR1282009                
21Dudi Sela d. Andrey KuznetsovR1282013                16-14Cedric Pioline d. Gustavo KuertenQF1999                
20Paul Capdeville d. Rainer SchuettlerR1282007                15-13Nicolas Massu d. Francisco ClavetR1282001                
20Michael Chang d. Malivai WashingtonR161992                15-13Illya Marchenko d. Marco ChiudinelliR1282014                
19Nicolas Lapentti d. Karol BeckR1282003                14-12Paul Henri Mathieu d. Raemon SluiterR1282004                
19Mikhail Youzhny d. David NalbandianR642004                14-12David Ferrer d. Igor SijslingR642012                
19Hyung Taik Lee d. Dominik HrbatyR1282007                13-11(5) matches tied                
19Goran Prpic d. Brad GilbertR1281991                                
19David Ferrer d. Alberto MartinR1282009                                

ATP US Open Player Records: Single Match 

All single-match records exclude retirements and defaults.
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Highest Dominance Ratio                 Lowest Dominance Ratio (Winner)                 
9.04Thomas Johansson (W vs German Puentes)R1282001                0.61Joachim Johansson (W vs Andy Roddick)QF2004                
4.71Andy Roddick (W vs Scoville Jenkins)R1282004                0.69Galo Blanco (W vs Patrick Rafter)R1282000                
3.94Novak Djokovic (W vs Marcel Granollers)R162013                0.72Novak Djokovic (W vs Gael Monfils)R1282005                
3.44Edouard Roger Vasselin (W vs Albert Montanes)R1282013                0.78Marat Safin (W vs Sebastien Grosjean)R322000                
3.30Mikhail Youzhny (W vs Albert Montanes)R1282004                0.82Max Mirnyi (W vs Tomas Zib)R1281999                
3.27Roger Federer (W vs Dudi Sela)R642011                0.83Guillermo Garcia Lopez (W vs Juan Monaco)R1282012                
3.25Lleyton Hewitt (W vs Albert Costa)R1282005                0.83David Nainkin (W vs Wayne Ferreira)R1281996                
3.09Kevin Anderson (W vs Go Soeda)R1282011                0.84Juan Carlos Ferrero (W vs Roger Federer)R322000                
3.09Patrick Rafter (W vs Magnus Norman)R641997                0.85Gilles Muller (W vs Tommy Haas)R642008                
3.05Andy Roddick (W vs Fernando Gonzalez)R162008                0.86(3) matches tied                
Highest Total-Point Winning Percentage                 Lowest Total-Point Winning Percentage (Winner)                 
70.5%Novak Djokovic (W vs Marcel Granollers)R162013                45.7%Joachim Johansson (W vs Andy Roddick)QF2004                
69.7%Andy Roddick (W vs Scoville Jenkins)R1282004                46.3%Novak Djokovic (W vs Gael Monfils)R1282005                
69.4%Lleyton Hewitt (W vs Albert Costa)R1282005                46.5%Galo Blanco (W vs Patrick Rafter)R1282000                
69.3%Novak Djokovic (W vs Paolo Lorenzi)R1282012                47.2%Andrei Pavel (W vs Hyung Taik Lee)R322004                
69.3%Andre Agassi (W vs Justin Gimelstob)R642002                47.3%David Nainkin (W vs Wayne Ferreira)R1281996                
69.2%Thomas Johansson (W vs German Puentes)R1282001                47.4%Guillermo Garcia Lopez (W vs Juan Monaco)R1282012                
69.2%Mikhail Youzhny (W vs Tommy Robredo)R162006                47.6%Juan Carlos Ferrero (W vs Roger Federer)R322000                
68.9%Mikhail Youzhny (W vs Florian Mayer)R1282005                47.7%Doug Flach (W vs Gianluca Pozzi)R1281996                
68.7%Michael Llodra (W vs Jose Acasuso)R1282002                47.8%Alex Radulescu (W vs Richard Fromberg)R641997                
68.5%Lleyton Hewitt (W vs Marc Rosset)R1281999                47.8%Guillaume Raoux (W vs Nicolas Escude)R1281998                
Most Aces                 Highest Ace Percentage                 
49Richard Krajicek (L to Yevgeny Kafelnikov)QF1999                48.8%Ivo Karlovic (W vs Florent Serra)R642008                
44John Isner (L to Philipp Kohlschreiber)R322014                34.5%John Isner (W vs Jan Lennard Struff)R642014                
42Ivo Karlovic (W vs Florent Serra)R642008                32.1%Juan Martin Del Potro (W vs Filippo Volandri)R1282011                
39Milos Raonic (L to Richard Gasquet)R162013                31.3%Milos Raonic (W vs Paul Henri Mathieu)R642012                
38(8) matches tied                31.2%John Isner (L to Philipp Kohlschreiber)R322014                
                31.1%Ivan Ljubicic (W vs Kristof Vliegen)R1282007                
                31.1%Joachim Johansson (W vs Yen Hsun Lu)R1282004                
                30.9%Milos Raonic (W vs Thomas Fabbiano)R1282013                
                30.9%Milos Raonic (W vs James Blake)R322012                
                30.6%John Isner (W vs Marcos Giron)R1282014                
Most Double Faults                 Highest DF Percentage                 
23Jaime Oncins (L to Michael Chang)R1281996                20.6%Marc Rosset (L to Lleyton Hewitt)R1281999                
21Scott Davis (L to Omar Camporese)R641992                18.4%Kris Goossens (L to Sergi Bruguera)R1281996                
21Kris Goossens (L to Sergi Bruguera)R1281996                18.0%Jaime Oncins (L to Michael Chang)R1281996                
20Ricardas Berankis (L to Jurgen Melzer)R642010                17.5%Jose Acasuso (L to Michael Llodra)R1282002                
20Guillermo Coria (W vs Nicolas Massu)R162005                15.5%Goran Ivanisevic (W vs Cristiano Caratti)R641999                
18(7) matches tied                15.4%Martin Klizan (L to Juan Carlos Ferrero)R1282010                
                14.4%Illya Marchenko (L to Marin Cilic)R1282010                
                13.9%Patrik Fredriksson (L to Michael Chang)R1281997                
                13.8%(4) matches tied                
Highest First-Serve Percentage                 Lowest First-Serve Percentage                 
91.1%Jimmy Brown (W vs Alberto Mancini)R1281991                26.3%Kris Goossens (L to Sergi Bruguera)R1281996                
89.4%Nikolay Davydenko (L to Taylor Dent)R642003                32.7%Karol Kucera (L to Magnus Norman)R1281997                
87.5%Nikolay Davydenko (W vs Max Mirnyi)R1282003                33.8%Wayne Black (L to Jerome Golmard)R1282000                
84.7%Fernando Verdasco (L to Igor Andreev)R322008                34.4%Alexander Volkov (L to Pete Sampras)QF1992                
84.3%Carlos Berlocq (L to Roger Federer)R642013                35.4%Michael Chang (W vs Vincent Spadea)R321996                
84.1%Kevin Anderson (W vs Michael Llodra)R642011                35.9%Jaime Oncins (L to Michael Chang)R1281996                
83.7%Gael Monfils (W vs Adrian Ungur)R1282013                36.1%Jean Rene Lisnard (W vs Magnus Norman)R1282003                
83.0%Tommy Robredo (W vs Jo Wilfried Tsonga)R322008                36.2%Gianluca Pozzi (W vs Christian Ruud)R1282000                
82.9%Gael Monfils (L to John Isner)R642013                36.7%Michal Tabara (L to Tim Henman)R322004                
82.8%Nikolay Davydenko (W vs Nicolas Kiefer)R642007                36.7%Stefano Pescosolido (L to Jason Stoltenberg)R1281996                
Highest First-Serve Winning Percentage                 Lowest First-Serve Winning Percentage                 
100.0%Agustin Calleri (W vs Austin Krajicek)R1282008                37.0%Martin Klizan (L to Donald Young)R1282013                
97.7%Tommy Haas (W vs Felix Mantilla)R642001                37.1%John Van Lottum (L to Chris Woodruff)R1282000                
97.7%Todd Martin (W vs Michael Chang)R642000                38.2%Jean Philippe Fleurian (L to Andrei Medvedev)R1281996                
97.4%Andy Roddick (W vs Scoville Jenkins)R1282004                38.2%Tommy Robredo (L to Mikhail Youzhny)R162006                
96.8%Richard Krajicek (W vs Wayne Black)R1281997                38.6%Carlos Berlocq (L to Novak Djokovic)R642011                
96.6%Mark Philippoussis (W vs Andrei Olhovskiy)R641996                40.0%Juan Monaco (L to Roger Federer)R162011                
96.3%Thomas Enqvist (W vs Albert Portas)R1282003                40.0%Justin Gimelstob (L to Andre Agassi)R642002                
96.1%Mark Philippoussis (W vs Karim Alami)R1281997                42.9%Mark Woodforde (L to Michael Chang)R1281991                
96.0%Thomas Muster (W vs Dirk Dier)R641996                43.6%Albert Costa (L to Lleyton Hewitt)R1282005                
95.1%Igor Andreev (W vs Fernando Verdasco)R322008                43.6%Tommy Robredo (L to Ernests Gulbis)R322007                
Highest Second-Serve Winning Percentage                 Lowest Second-Serve Winning Percentage                 
95.2%Thomas Johansson (W vs German Puentes)R1282001                8.3%Yevgeny Kafelnikov (L to Lleyton Hewitt)SF2001                
87.0%Roger Federer (W vs Feliciano Lopez)R162007                10.0%Todd Witsken (L to Michael Chang)R641991                
86.7%Novak Djokovic (W vs Marcel Granollers)R162013                15.0%Lionel Roux (L to Patrick Rafter)R321997                
84.6%John Isner (W vs Marcos Giron)R1282014                15.2%Leander Paes (L to Andre Agassi)R641996                
84.4%Andy Roddick (W vs Flavio Saretta)R322003                15.4%Carlos Berlocq (L to Roger Federer)R642013                
84.2%Kevin Anderson (W vs Go Soeda)R1282011                16.7%Jonas Bjorkman (L to Nicolas Kiefer)R642000                
84.0%Marin Cilic (W vs Bernard Tomic)R642011                19.2%Alex Bogomolov Jr (L to Andy Murray)R1282012                
83.9%Rafael Nadal (W vs Nicolas Kiefer)R642009                20.0%Jaime Oncins (L to Jimmy Connors)R1281992                
83.8%Thiago Alves (W vs Mariano Zabaleta)R1282006                20.7%Paolo Lorenzi (L to Novak Djokovic)R1282012                
83.3%(2) matches tied                21.1%(2) matches tied                
Highest Serve-Point Winning Percentage                 Lowest Serve-Point Winning Percentage                 
94.1%Thomas Johansson (W vs German Puentes)R1282001                32.8%Carlos Berlocq (L to Novak Djokovic)R642011                
88.0%Andy Roddick (W vs Scoville Jenkins)R1282004                34.4%Paolo Lorenzi (L to Novak Djokovic)R1282012                
87.5%Edouard Roger Vasselin (W vs Albert Montanes)R1282013                35.1%Martin Klizan (L to Donald Young)R1282013                
86.9%Andy Roddick (W vs Kristian Pless)R642006                36.2%Nicolas Devilder (L to Mikhail Youzhny)R1282007                
86.7%Roger Federer (W vs Dudi Sela)R642011                36.4%Florian Mayer (L to Mikhail Youzhny)R1282005                
85.9%John Isner (W vs Marcos Giron)R1282014                37.1%Adrian Ungur (L to Gael Monfils)R1282013                
85.7%Tomas Berdych (W vs Simone Bolelli)R642007                37.3%Tommy Robredo (L to Mikhail Youzhny)R162006                
85.5%Andy Roddick (W vs Fernando Gonzalez)R162008                37.7%Justin Gimelstob (L to Andre Agassi)R642002                
85.2%Lleyton Hewitt (W vs Amer Delic)R1282007                38.2%Olivier Mutis (L to Alberto Martin)R1282003                
85.1%Rafael Nadal (W vs Bobby Reynolds)R1282005                38.5%Alessio Di Mauro (L to Andy Murray)R642006                
Highest Return-Point Winning Percentage                 Lowest Return-Point Winning Percentage                 
67.2%Novak Djokovic (W vs Carlos Berlocq)R642011                5.9%German Puentes (L to Thomas Johansson)R1282001                
65.6%Novak Djokovic (W vs Paolo Lorenzi)R1282012                12.0%Scoville Jenkins (L to Andy Roddick)R1282004                
64.9%Donald Young (W vs Martin Klizan)R1282013                12.5%Albert Montanes (L to Edouard Roger Vasselin)R1282013                
63.8%Mikhail Youzhny (W vs Nicolas Devilder)R1282007                13.1%Kristian Pless (L to Andy Roddick)R642006                
63.6%Mikhail Youzhny (W vs Florian Mayer)R1282005                13.3%Dudi Sela (L to Roger Federer)R642011                
62.9%Gael Monfils (W vs Adrian Ungur)R1282013                14.1%Marcos Giron (L to John Isner)R1282014                
62.7%Mikhail Youzhny (W vs Tommy Robredo)R162006                14.3%Simone Bolelli (L to Tomas Berdych)R642007                
62.3%Andre Agassi (W vs Justin Gimelstob)R642002                14.5%Fernando Gonzalez (L to Andy Roddick)R162008                
61.8%Alberto Martin (W vs Olivier Mutis)R1282003                14.8%Amer Delic (L to Lleyton Hewitt)R1282007                
61.5%Andy Murray (W vs Alessio Di Mauro)R642006                14.9%Bobby Reynolds (L to Rafael Nadal)R1282005                
Most Break Points Earned                 Most Break Points Saved                 
34Michael Chang (L to Stefan Edberg)SF1992                23Stefan Edberg (W vs Michael Chang)SF1992                
31Richard Fromberg (W vs Patrick Mcenroe)R1281997                21Patrick Mcenroe (L to Richard Fromberg)R1281997                
31Paul Capdeville (W vs Rainer Schuettler)R1282007                21Nicolas Almagro (W vs Robby Ginepri)R642009                
30Benoit Paire (W vs Julien Benneteau)R1282014                21Julien Benneteau (L to Benoit Paire)R1282014                
29Robby Ginepri (L to Nicolas Almagro)R642009                21Andre Agassi (L to Jim Courier)QF1992                
29Jim Courier (W vs Andre Agassi)QF1992                20(7) matches tied                
29David Ferrer (W vs Alberto Martin)R1282009                                
28Karol Beck (L to Jarkko Nieminen)R1282005                                
28Juan Monaco (L to Guillermo Garcia Lopez)R1282012                                
27(5) matches tied                                
Most Breaks of Serve                 Most Breaks Per Return Game                 
12Stefan Edberg (W vs Michael Chang)SF1992                100.0%Novak Djokovic (W vs Carlos Berlocq)R642011                
12Paul Capdeville (W vs Rainer Schuettler)R1282007                90.0%Novak Djokovic (W vs Paolo Lorenzi)R1282012                
12Novak Djokovic (W vs Rafael Nadal)F2011                90.0%Mikhail Youzhny (W vs Nicolas Devilder)R1282007                
12Kevin Ullyett (W vs Alex Obrien)R1281993                81.8%Gael Monfils (W vs Adrian Ungur)R1282013                
11(8) matches tied                81.8%Alberto Martin (W vs Olivier Mutis)R1282003                
                80.0%(7) matches tied                

ATP US Open Player Records: Single Tournament 

The records in this section are limited to players who contested at least 5 matches in a given
year's tournament. The number next to the year indicates the number of matches played.
Event History | Leaderboards | Single-Match Records | Player Records: Match | Tournament | Event

Total Time On Court                 Longest Average Match                 Shortest Average Match                 
22:22Stefan Edberg1992(7)                3:45Ivan Lendl1992(5)                1:34Andy Roddick2007(5)                
21:51Andy Murray2012(7)                3:24Michael Chang1992(6)                1:40Magnus Larsson1997(5)                
20:28Michael Chang1992(6)                3:17Stanislas Wawrinka2010(5)                1:44Lleyton Hewitt2004(7)                
19:28Novak Djokovic2010(7)                3:15Juan Martin Del Potro2008(5)                1:45Andy Roddick2004(5)                
19:05Andy Murray2008(7)                3:14Marin Cilic2012(5)                1:50Robin Soderling2009(5)                
18:45Ivan Lendl1992(5)                3:11Stefan Edberg1992(7)                1:53Gustavo Kuerten1999(5)                
18:44Novak Djokovic2007(7)                3:07Andy Murray2012(7)                1:53Jonas Bjorkman1997(6)                
18:33David Nalbandian2003(6)                3:05David Nalbandian2003(6)                1:54Andre Agassi2004(5)                
18:24Rafael Nadal2011(7)                3:02Jim Courier1992(6)                1:55Greg Rusedski1997(7)                
18:20Kei Nishikori2014(7)                3:00Ivan Lendl1991(6)                1:56Nicolas Escude1999(5)                
Highest Dominance Ratio                 Highest Rate of Total Points Won                 Most Points Won                 
1.93Andy Roddick2004(5)                59.1%Andy Roddick2004(5)                1057Stefan Edberg1992(7)                
1.65Rafael Nadal2010(7)                57.7%Rafael Nadal2013(7)                930Pete Sampras1992(7)                
1.62Stefan Edberg1991(7)                57.4%Roger Federer2006(7)                929Andre Agassi2005(7)                
1.60Rafael Nadal2013(7)                57.3%Stefan Edberg1991(7)                897Marat Safin2000(7)                
1.59Roger Federer2006(7)                57.1%Novak Djokovic2011(7)                879Greg Rusedski1997(7)                
1.57Andy Roddick2003(7)                56.8%Novak Djokovic2014(6)                878Ivan Lendl1992(5)                
1.54Roger Federer2007(7)                56.7%Novak Djokovic2012(7)                873David Nalbandian2003(6)                
1.49Richard Krajicek1999(5)                56.3%Novak Djokovic2013(7)                872Todd Martin1999(7)                
1.45Andy Roddick2007(5)                56.3%Andy Roddick2003(7)                872Roger Federer2009(7)                
1.45Novak Djokovic2013(7)                56.2%Roger Federer2007(7)                871Andy Murray2012(7)                
Most Total Aces                 Highest Ace Percentage                 Lowest Ace Percentage                 
144Pete Sampras2002(7)                23.4%Richard Krajicek1999(5)                2.4%Michael Chang1992(6)                
130Gilles Muller2008(5)                22.4%Andy Roddick2004(5)                2.4%Jarkko Nieminen2005(5)                
127Todd Martin1999(7)                20.1%Andy Roddick2007(5)                2.5%Andre Agassi1992(5)                
126Joachim Johansson2004(6)                19.9%Joachim Johansson2004(6)                2.7%Jimmy Connors1991(6)                
123Andy Roddick2003(7)                18.5%Gilles Muller2008(5)                2.7%Sjeng Schalken2003(5)                
120Pete Sampras2001(7)                18.3%Pete Sampras2002(7)                2.8%Juan Ignacio Chela2007(5)                
115Marat Safin2000(7)                18.3%Richard Krajicek2000(5)                2.9%Rafael Nadal2013(7)                
108Richard Krajicek1999(5)                17.5%Andy Roddick2003(7)                3.1%Novak Djokovic2010(7)                
102Andy Roddick2006(7)                17.4%Andy Roddick2008(5)                3.2%Rafael Nadal2009(6)                
101Pete Sampras2000(7)                16.0%Todd Martin1999(7)                3.3%Nikolay Davydenko2006(6)                
Most Double Faults                 Highest DF Percentage                 Lowest DF Percentage                 
60Pete Sampras2002(7)                9.5%Guillermo Coria2005(5)                1.1%Gustavo Kuerten2001(5)                
56Guillermo Coria2005(5)                7.6%Pete Sampras2002(7)                1.1%Andy Roddick2006(7)                
54Stefan Edberg1992(7)                6.9%Fernando Verdasco2009(5)                1.1%Andy Roddick2007(5)                
43Lleyton Hewitt2002(6)                6.9%Gael Monfils2014(5)                1.2%Rafael Nadal2006(5)                
43Fernando Gonzalez2002(5)                6.7%Fernando Gonzalez2002(5)                1.4%Nikolay Davydenko2006(6)                
42Patrick Rafter1997(7)                6.6%Lleyton Hewitt2002(6)                1.4%Roger Federer2006(7)                
42Lleyton Hewitt2001(7)                6.1%Yevgeny Kafelnikov2001(6)                1.5%Michael Chang1992(6)                
41Tim Henman2004(6)                6.0%Dominik Hrbaty2004(5)                1.5%Rafael Nadal2009(6)                
38Yevgeny Kafelnikov2001(6)                5.8%Fernando Verdasco2010(5)                1.5%Rafael Nadal2013(7)                
38Pete Sampras2001(7)                5.8%Lleyton Hewitt2001(7)                1.5%Roger Federer2010(6)                
Highest First-Serve Percentage                 Lowest First-Serve Percentage                 Highest First-Serve Winning Percentage                 
71.5%Andy Roddick2007(5)                48.3%Lleyton Hewitt2002(6)                86.9%Richard Krajicek1999(5)                
71.0%Nikolay Davydenko2007(6)                48.4%Alexander Volkov1992(5)                84.7%Pete Sampras2000(7)                
70.9%Andy Roddick2006(7)                49.9%Yevgeny Kafelnikov2001(6)                84.6%Gustavo Kuerten1999(5)                
70.4%Slava Dosedel1999(5)                51.3%Marat Safin2000(7)                84.6%Andy Roddick2004(5)                
70.3%Nikolay Davydenko2006(6)                51.3%Mardy Fish2008(5)                83.8%Marat Safin2001(6)                
70.0%Sjeng Schalken2003(5)                51.5%Marin Cilic2012(5)                82.6%Greg Rusedski1997(7)                
70.0%Sjeng Schalken2002(6)                52.3%Stanislas Wawrinka2010(5)                82.6%Marin Cilic2014(7)                
69.9%Rafael Nadal2008(6)                52.5%Lleyton Hewitt2006(5)                82.6%Pete Sampras2002(7)                
69.6%Rafael Nadal2011(7)                52.5%Lleyton Hewitt2003(5)                82.0%Andy Roddick2003(7)                
69.5%Younes El Aynaoui2003(5)                52.7%Wayne Ferreira1992(5)                81.9%(3) players tied                
Lowest First-Serve Winning Percentage                 Highest Second-Serve Winning Percentage                 Lowest Second-Serve Winning Percentage                 
65.6%Michael Chang1992(6)                66.5%Roger Federer2007(7)                42.7%Stefan Edberg1992(7)                
65.7%David Nalbandian2005(5)                65.1%Rafael Nadal2010(7)                44.2%Alexander Volkov1992(5)                
66.5%Nikolay Davydenko2006(6)                64.3%Andy Roddick2002(5)                45.2%Patrick Rafter1997(7)                
67.3%Jarkko Nieminen2005(5)                64.1%Sjeng Schalken2003(5)                46.1%Ivan Lendl1992(5)                
67.4%Jimmy Connors1991(6)                63.5%Rafael Nadal2006(5)                46.2%Younes El Aynaoui2003(5)                
67.8%Andre Agassi1992(5)                63.5%Rafael Nadal2009(6)                46.3%Tommy Robredo2013(5)                
68.3%Sjeng Schalken2003(5)                63.4%Guillermo Coria2003(5)                48.3%Lleyton Hewitt2005(6)                
68.8%Dominik Hrbaty2004(5)                63.3%Andy Roddick2003(7)                48.4%Michael Chang1997(6)                
69.4%Novak Djokovic2010(7)                62.8%Rafael Nadal2013(7)                48.7%Gilles Muller2008(5)                
69.6%(2) players tied                61.9%Andy Murray2013(5)                48.8%Michael Chang1992(6)                
Highest Serve-Point Winning Percentage                 Lowest Serve-Point Winning Percentage                 Highest Return-Point Winning Percentage                 
76.8%Andy Roddick2004(5)                59.3%Michael Chang1992(6)                48.7%Michael Chang1992(6)                
75.8%Rafael Nadal2010(7)                59.8%David Nalbandian2005(5)                48.5%Novak Djokovic2011(7)                
75.2%Andy Roddick2003(7)                60.0%Alexander Volkov1992(5)                48.0%Nikolay Davydenko2007(6)                
74.3%Andy Roddick2007(5)                61.4%Stefan Edberg1992(7)                47.2%Rafael Nadal2011(7)                
74.0%Pete Sampras2000(7)                61.9%Dominik Hrbaty2004(5)                47.0%Novak Djokovic2012(7)                
73.9%Roger Federer2007(7)                62.1%Tommy Robredo2013(5)                47.0%Novak Djokovic2013(7)                
73.4%Pete Sampras2002(7)                62.5%Mikhail Youzhny2013(5)                46.3%Novak Djokovic2014(6)                
73.3%Stefan Edberg1991(7)                62.6%Yevgeny Kafelnikov2001(6)                45.1%Roger Federer2006(7)                
73.2%Andy Roddick2008(5)                62.7%Nikolay Davydenko2006(6)                44.8%Andy Roddick2004(5)                
72.2%Andy Roddick2006(7)                62.7%Jimmy Connors1991(6)                44.7%(2) players tied                
Lowest Return-Point Winning Percentage                 Most Break Points Earned                 Most Break Points Saved                 
30.6%Gilles Muller2008(5)                112Michael Chang1992(6)                63Stefan Edberg1992(7)                
31.3%John Isner2011(5)                109Stefan Edberg1992(7)                54Novak Djokovic2010(7)                
32.9%Younes El Aynaoui2003(5)                108Andy Murray2012(7)                47Gilles Muller2008(5)                
33.3%Gustavo Kuerten2001(5)                99Nikolay Davydenko2007(6)                46Juan Carlos Ferrero2003(7)                
33.6%Fernando Gonzalez2009(5)                97Novak Djokovic2013(7)                46Andre Agassi2005(7)                
33.9%Cedric Pioline1999(6)                97Novak Djokovic2011(7)                45Tomas Berdych2012(6)                
34.5%Pete Sampras2000(7)                95Patrick Rafter1997(7)                45Kei Nishikori2014(7)                
34.8%Pete Sampras2001(7)                90(4) players tied                44Nicolas Kiefer2000(5)                
35.0%Thomas Johansson2000(5)                                43Pete Sampras1992(7)                
35.1%(2) players tied                                42Younes El Aynaoui2002(5)                
Most Breaks of Serve                 Most Breaks Per Return Game                 Most Holds Per Service Game                 
51Novak Djokovic2011(7)                49.0%Novak Djokovic2011(7)                96.0%Rafael Nadal2013(7)                
50Michael Chang1992(6)                46.3%Nikolay Davydenko2007(6)                95.8%Andy Roddick2003(7)                
49Stefan Edberg1992(7)                43.9%Michael Chang1992(6)                95.5%Rafael Nadal2010(7)                
44Andy Murray2012(7)                43.4%Novak Djokovic2012(7)                95.4%Pete Sampras2002(7)                
43Novak Djokovic2012(7)                41.4%Andre Agassi1992(5)                94.8%Richard Krajicek1999(5)                
43Juan Martin Del Potro2009(7)                40.9%Novak Djokovic2014(6)                94.7%Andre Agassi1999(7)                
43Andre Agassi2002(7)                40.8%Rafael Nadal2011(7)                94.6%Andy Roddick2004(5)                
42Rafael Nadal2011(7)                40.0%Lleyton Hewitt2003(5)                93.6%Pete Sampras1991(5)                
42Lleyton Hewitt2001(7)                39.8%Novak Djokovic2013(7)                93.0%Fernando Gonzalez2009(5)                
41(2) players tied                39.0%(2) players tied                92.9%(2) players tied                

ATP US Open Player Records: Event History 

The records in this section are limited to players who have contested at least 13 matches at
this event. The number next to the year indicates the number of matches played since 1991,
the first year for which these statistics are available.
Event History | Leaderboards | Single-Match Records | Player Records: Match | Tournament | Event

Highest Dominance Ratio                 Highest Rate of Total Points Won                 Most Points Won                 
1.38Andy RoddickUSA(55)                55.1%Roger FedererSUI(82)                9137Roger FedererSUI(82)                
1.37Roger FedererSUI(82)                54.6%Andy RoddickUSA(55)                6742Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                
1.34Rafael NadalESP(49)                54.5%Rafael NadalESP(49)                6563Lleyton HewittAUS(58)                
1.28Richard KrajicekNED(23)                54.3%Stefan EdbergSWE(16)                6435Andre AgassiUSA(55)                
1.27Stefan EdbergSWE(16)                54.1%Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                5961Tommy HaasGER(48)                
1.26Patrick RafterAUS(14)                53.8%Richard KrajicekNED(23)                5821Andy RoddickUSA(55)                
1.26Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                53.8%Patrick RafterAUS(14)                5419Andy MurrayGBR(46)                
1.26Pete SamprasUSA(39)                53.8%Guillermo CoriaARG(14)                5208Rafael NadalESP(49)                
1.24(4) players tied                53.7%Pete SamprasUSA(39)                5064Tommy RobredoESP(46)                
                53.6%(2) players tied                4833David FerrerESP(40)                
Most Total Aces                 Highest Ace Percentage                 Lowest Ace Percentage                 
871Roger FedererSUI(82)                22.7%Ivo KarlovicCRO(20)                2.3%Olivier RochusBEL(21)                
826Andy RoddickUSA(55)                20.8%Milos RaonicCAN(13)                3.3%Donald YoungUSA(15)                
576John IsnerUSA(25)                19.8%John IsnerUSA(25)                3.9%Stefan EdbergSWE(16)                
575Pete SamprasUSA(39)                17.9%Mark PhilippoussisAUS(15)                3.9%Alberto MartinESP(13)                
566Ivo KarlovicCRO(20)                17.0%Gilles MullerLUX(15)                4.0%Juan MonacoARG(17)                
543Tommy HaasGER(48)                16.1%Andy RoddickUSA(55)                4.1%Florent SerraFRA(13)                
520Lleyton HewittAUS(58)                15.6%Richard KrajicekNED(23)                4.2%Kei NishikoriJPN(19)                
461Stanislas WawrinkaSUI(36)                15.2%Ivan LjubicicCRO(21)                4.3%Guillermo Garcia LopezESP(16)                
461Feliciano LopezESP(32)                14.7%Sam QuerreyUSA(22)                4.3%Nikolay DavydenkoRUS(39)                
429Andy MurrayGBR(46)                14.7%Jan Michael GambillUSA(18)                4.4%Juan Ignacio ChelaARG(23)                
Most Double Faults                 Highest DF Percentage                 Lowest DF Percentage                 
283Lleyton HewittAUS(58)                7.5%Taylor DentUSA(20)                2.0%Denis IstominUZB(13)                
265Tommy HaasGER(48)                6.7%Mark PhilippoussisAUS(15)                2.4%Gilles SimonFRA(24)                
240Fernando VerdascoESP(37)                6.5%Justin GimelstobUSA(18)                2.4%Rafael NadalESP(49)                
214Roger FedererSUI(82)                6.3%Thomas EnqvistSWE(16)                2.4%Gustavo KuertenBRA(22)                
205Pete SamprasUSA(39)                6.3%Alberto MartinESP(13)                2.4%Andy RoddickUSA(55)                
188Tommy RobredoESP(46)                6.2%Jan SiemerinkNED(14)                2.6%Robby GinepriUSA(27)                
180Andre AgassiUSA(55)                6.1%Guillermo Garcia LopezESP(16)                2.6%Paul HaarhuisNED(14)                
179Andy MurrayGBR(46)                5.9%Goran IvanisevicCRO(18)                2.6%Hicham AraziMAR(17)                
175Stanislas WawrinkaSUI(36)                5.8%Fernando VerdascoESP(37)                2.6%Sebastien GrosjeanFRA(19)                
174Fernando GonzalezCHI(29)                5.8%Guillermo CoriaARG(14)                2.7%(3) players tied                
Highest First-Serve Percentage                 Lowest First-Serve Percentage                 Highest First-Serve Winning Percentage                 
69.0%Nikolay DavydenkoRUS(39)                49.6%Marcos BaghdatisCYP(14)                84.9%Mark PhilippoussisAUS(15)                
68.0%Rafael NadalESP(49)                51.6%Nicolas KieferGER(25)                83.3%Richard KrajicekNED(23)                
67.8%John IsnerUSA(25)                51.6%Sebastien GrosjeanFRA(19)                82.3%Milos RaonicCAN(13)                
66.9%Younes El AynaouiMAR(17)                51.7%Thomas EnqvistSWE(16)                81.8%Pete SamprasUSA(39)                
66.5%Juan MonacoARG(17)                52.4%Jose AcasusoARG(13)                81.7%Goran IvanisevicCRO(18)                
66.0%Andy RoddickUSA(55)                52.5%Paul Henri MathieuFRA(20)                81.7%Ivo KarlovicCRO(20)                
65.7%Fernando VerdascoESP(37)                52.7%Guillermo Garcia LopezESP(16)                80.8%Gustavo KuertenBRA(22)                
65.3%Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                52.8%Goran IvanisevicCRO(18)                80.0%Gilles MullerLUX(15)                
65.0%Tommy RobredoESP(46)                52.8%Jan Michael GambillUSA(18)                79.7%Greg RusedskiGBR(24)                
64.4%Jiri NovakCZE(29)                52.8%Marat SafinRUS(27)                79.6%Andy RoddickUSA(55)                
Lowest First-Serve Winning Percentage                 Highest Second-Serve Winning Percentage                 Lowest Second-Serve Winning Percentage                 
63.2%Juan MonacoARG(17)                60.2%Rafael NadalESP(49)                43.8%Justin GimelstobUSA(18)                
64.8%Stefan KoubekAUT(15)                59.1%Andy RoddickUSA(55)                44.8%Mark PhilippoussisAUS(15)                
65.2%Donald YoungUSA(15)                57.9%John IsnerUSA(25)                45.6%Albert MontanesESP(17)                
65.4%Alberto MartinESP(13)                56.6%Roger FedererSUI(82)                45.9%Jose AcasusoARG(13)                
67.4%Olivier RochusBEL(21)                55.5%Guillermo CoriaARG(14)                46.4%Richard FrombergAUS(14)                
67.7%Gaston GaudioARG(13)                55.2%Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                46.5%Nicolas LapenttiECU(18)                
67.8%Florian MayerGER(14)                55.1%Andre AgassiUSA(55)                46.9%Jurgen MelzerAUT(25)                
67.9%Rainer SchuettlerGER(19)                55.0%Pete SamprasUSA(39)                47.2%Dominik HrbatySVK(25)                
68.1%Fabrice SantoroFRA(23)                54.8%Gilles SimonFRA(24)                47.2%Florian MayerGER(14)                
68.1%Hyung Taik LeeKOR(19)                54.7%Janko TipsarevicSRB(24)                47.6%(3) players tied                
Highest Serve-Point Winning Percentage                 Lowest Serve-Point Winning Percentage                 Highest Return-Point Winning Percentage                 
72.6%Andy RoddickUSA(55)                57.8%Alberto MartinESP(13)                43.7%Stefan EdbergSWE(16)                
72.2%John IsnerUSA(25)                58.8%Albert MontanesESP(17)                43.6%Michael ChangUSA(28)                
70.9%Pete SamprasUSA(39)                58.9%Guillermo Garcia LopezESP(16)                42.9%Guillermo CoriaARG(14)                
70.3%Ivo KarlovicCRO(20)                58.9%Donald YoungUSA(15)                42.5%Andy MurrayGBR(46)                
69.8%Roger FedererSUI(82)                59.3%Florian MayerGER(14)                42.1%Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                
69.2%Rafael NadalESP(49)                59.5%Sargis SargsianARM(13)                42.0%Lleyton HewittAUS(58)                
69.1%Richard KrajicekNED(23)                59.7%Fabrice SantoroFRA(23)                41.7%Juan Martin Del PotroARG(26)                
69.0%Milos RaonicCAN(13)                59.8%Juan MonacoARG(17)                41.6%Andre AgassiUSA(55)                
68.5%Patrick RafterAUS(14)                59.9%Stefan KoubekAUT(15)                41.4%(3) players tied                
68.4%(2) players tied                60.2%Andreas SeppiITA(17)                                
Lowest Return-Point Winning Percentage                 Most Break Points Earned                 Most Break Points Saved                 
28.1%Ivo KarlovicCRO(20)                924Roger FedererSUI(82)                300Roger FedererSUI(82)                
30.1%Albert MontanesESP(17)                687Lleyton HewittAUS(58)                288Tommy RobredoESP(46)                
31.3%Gilles MullerLUX(15)                663Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                278Lleyton HewittAUS(58)                
31.4%John IsnerUSA(25)                609Andre AgassiUSA(55)                265Andre AgassiUSA(55)                
32.6%Jose AcasusoARG(13)                584Andy MurrayGBR(46)                264Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                
33.1%Max MirnyiBLR(21)                554Tommy HaasGER(48)                260Tommy HaasGER(48)                
33.4%Younes El AynaouiMAR(17)                532Rafael NadalESP(49)                239James BlakeUSA(38)                
33.6%Florent SerraFRA(13)                522David FerrerESP(40)                233Andy MurrayGBR(46)                
33.7%Ivan LjubicicCRO(21)                473Andy RoddickUSA(55)                222David FerrerESP(40)                
34.0%Gustavo KuertenBRA(22)                445Nikolay DavydenkoRUS(39)                218Juan Carlos FerreroESP(35)                
Most Breaks of Serve                 Most Breaks Per Return Game                 Most Holds Per Service Game                 
396Roger FedererSUI(82)                34.3%Stefan EdbergSWE(16)                91.9%John IsnerUSA(25)                
314Lleyton HewittAUS(58)                33.7%Michael ChangUSA(28)                91.4%Pete SamprasUSA(39)                
313Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                33.5%Guillermo CoriaARG(14)                91.0%Andy RoddickUSA(55)                
290Andre AgassiUSA(55)                32.3%Lleyton HewittAUS(58)                89.4%Ivo KarlovicCRO(20)                
250Andy MurrayGBR(46)                32.1%Novak DjokovicSRB(59)                89.2%Roger FedererSUI(82)                
246Tommy HaasGER(48)                31.8%Andy MurrayGBR(46)                88.9%Gustavo KuertenBRA(22)                
222Rafael NadalESP(49)                31.6%Andre AgassiUSA(55)                88.7%Richard KrajicekNED(23)                
216Andy RoddickUSA(55)                31.3%Dominik HrbatySVK(25)                88.5%Patrick RafterAUS(14)                
208David FerrerESP(40)                31.3%Juan Martin Del PotroARG(26)                86.9%Greg RusedskiGBR(24)                
185Nikolay DavydenkoRUS(39)                30.7%Yevgeny KafelnikovRUS(22)                86.7%(2) players tied                

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