Podcast Episode 108: Gerry Marzorati on Serena Williams and Tennis Coverage in the 21st Century

My latest episode features Gerry Marzorati, author of the new book Seeing Serena. You might also know him from the pages of The New York and Racquet magazine, as well as his earlier book, Late to the Ball.

The book follows Serena Williams throughout the 2019 season as she seeks her first grand slam title as a mother. We talk about the challenges and opportunities of getting to know players through press conferences, the role of print media when players can speak directly to their fans, and how Serena compares to other mega-icons. Gerry expands on his contention in the book that Williams is the most consequential player in tennis today–perhaps of all time–as someone that not only set records, but changed the way the game was played.

Gerry’s book is a rewarding read, a deep dive into one of the most important and fascinating figures in sports. Check it out.

Thanks for listening!

(Note: this week’s episode is about 58 minutes long; in some browsers the audio player may display a different length. Sorry about that!)

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